Agile project management and introduction to the Scrum methodology

5. Seating down with mobile & laptop


We worked on the development of an automated checkout selection system for a large Dutch retail chain. Our customers' automated checkout systems offered an opportunity to improve on traditional order processing methods.

This optimisation was not only noticeable in the distribution centres, but also resulted in increased efficiency in the shops.

Our remit was as follows:

  • Agile project management mode using the Scrum method;
  • Introduction of the Scrum method with team coaching to ensure that good practices are adopted;
  • Software development in a team of 40 people, enabling the control of the entire checkout system based on the end customer’s requirements;
  • Coordination and synchronisation of the Scrum teams with elements of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

The keys to success

Expertise in the implementation of the Scrum method;
Our Agile Coaching experience;
Experience in setting up bespoke processes for development teams.