Case Study

Predictive maintenance of rail infrastructure using data

Ekspertka Alter Solutions wdrażająca model uczenia maszynowego

  • Transport & Logistics (French company)


  • Development of BIM, 3D Point Clouds and Machine Learning (ML) applications


We worked for a major French railway company on the development of applications involving BIM, 3D Point Clouds and Machine Learning.


  • Analysis of maintenance data and identification of bottlenecks;
  • Implementation of machine learning models for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance;
  • Development of algorithms for processing 3D point cloud data to detect objects;
  • Integration of the models into a data analysis platform.


  • Python

  • Batch

  • Spring Boot

  • Angular 9

  • 3D Point Clouds

Keys to success

  1. Expertise in data analysis and machine learning;
  2. Good understanding of the business needs for the maintenance and safety of its rail infrastructure;
  3. Ability to integrate models into an effective data analysis platform.