The Project

5. Seating down with mobile & laptop

Creation of end-to-end regression tests

The company developed, for Hyunday AutoEver Europe, a new web application, and to reduce the amount of tests that were performed manually in this web application before and after each deploy in production, it was decided to automate this process.


  • Java 8+
  • Spring Boot
  • Selenium
  • REST Assured
  • JUnit
  • Git
  • Liquibase
  • MariaDB
  • Maven
  • Jenkins

Our mission

Decision about the best framework to use. Definition of test cases and their implementation.
Creation of pipeline in Jenkins to automate the execution of the regression tests.
After finishing the implementation of the main tests and the pipeline, the maintenance and creation of new test cases was transferred to internal teams.
New regression tests are being created, now targeting the backing API used by the web application and other internal applications. Many other improvements are in progress to increase code coverage and speed up test execution.