Case Study

Business Analyst on a GRC project

Analityk biznesowy pracujący w Alter Solutions

  • Energy (company that manages the public electricity distribution network in France)


  • Working with a Scrum team, as a Business Analyst, on a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) project


We worked with a Scrum team, as a Business Analyst, in order to manage customer relations for the main operator of the public electricity distribution network in France.


  • Capture of business expectations and identification of user needs for customer relationship management;
  • Design of user stories, drafting of acceptance criteria and prioritisation according to business value;
  • Checking the technical consistency of the proposed solutions in collaboration with the development teams;
  • Leading Scrum ceremonies and coordinating activities with the Product Owner and development teams;
  • Contributing to the continuous improvement of the Scrum method and the project management processes.


  • Scrum

  • Microservices

  • Java

  • Spring Boot

  • Angular

Keys to success

  1. Our mastery of Scrum practices enabled smooth execution and timely delivery of priority features. We also encouraged collaboration and ongoing communication between team members, resulting in better task management and improved product quality;
  2. Lean management: we applied the principles of lean management to optimise the value chain and reduce waste. In particular, we have worked to reduce waiting times and delays, and to identify and eliminate low added-value tasks. We have also encouraged innovation and creativity within the team to continuously improve practices and results;
  3. Our craftmanship culture has enabled us to focus on the technical quality of the functionalities delivered.