Cloud-based web application for financial data maintenance

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The main challenges for the client were to understand the context of use and specify the usage requirements. It was necessary to test and troubleshoot accessibility and usability of the application, as well as to create a universal template to enable better user interaction.

In addition, it was challenging to conceptualize and design new complex services, as well as to improve and add components to the client's internal design system.


The development of modern Internet technologies has led clients to replace outdated software, since the 90s, with a modern cloud-based web application that can be run from any device around the world.

The solution for Alter Solutions Germany was a responsive B2B application to create and process requests for bank loans of large and medium-sized companies.


Basic UX design, UX research methods and other relevant tools were used for the project - for example, user-centered design, design thinking, Figma and Git.

Research methods such as interviewing, Jobs-to-be-Done and Card Sorting were used, as well as design methods such as wireframing, prototyping and information architecture.


  • Figma

  • React JS

  • Storybook

  • Git