Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk idolise the achievements of Thomas Edison, inventor of the incandescent light bulb. Steve Jobs was inspired by Polaroid co-founder Edwin H. Land, and was himself an inspiration to Jack Dorsey, one of Twitter's masterminds. Mark Zuckerberg followed in the footsteps of Bill Gates, who in turn always admired Henry Edward Roberts, father of the first personal computer.


We could spend hours listing the people who have most influenced the leaders of the tech world, but the challenge today is different: to find out who are the greatest sources of inspiration to our consultants.




Co-founder of Pixar and former President of Walt Disney Animation Studios

“Thanks to his approach, vision and leadership, the RenderMan system was conceived, enabling the production of films like "Toy Story" (the first 3D feature film), which totally changed the industry and the way people watch animation today.

Catmull's leadership also changed the way creative work is done within major studios like Disney Animation.”


Álvaro Junqueira | Front-end Developer




Co-founder of Apple

“There are many qualities that I admire about Steve Jobs, including his enthusiasm for his work, technological vision, and drive to use his interest in computers to make an impact.

His ideas and life philosophy are both simple and powerful. His vision of technological development and marketing are unique, creative and genius. Steve's life is proof that impossible is nothing if you have enough persistence to pursue your dreams. No matter what your dream is, have faith and hold on to it until it becomes a reality.”


Grethell Alvarez | QA Automation Tester




Co-founder of companies like PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI and Neuralink

"I am a Functional Analyst and I am currently working on an IT project for the Portuguese company SIBS FPS, specialised in payment methods and online payment portals. Therefore, I couldn't fail to mention one of the people who most contributed to the world of digital payments: Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal, currently one of the largest online payment systems companies.

My admiration for Elon Musk is simply based on his irreverence - which, unfortunately, has been causing some controversy - his intelligence, the creativity he shows in creating solutions, and the hard work he puts into making each of his companies revolutionary and market-leading.”


Hugo Mateus | Functional Analyst




Software Programmer and Founder of the Gibson Research Corporation (GRC)

“He has made many contributions to the field of computer security through his many developed products, particularly SpinRite – the hard drive recovery utility – and ShieldsUP – his online port scanning service.

However, I think his most significant impact lies in his dedication to inspire and educate the cybersecurity community. Through his widely acclaimed podcast “Security Now!”, he strives to deliver his insights, analysis and recommendations about trending security topics on a weekly basis. His commitment to educate the cybersecurity community has been an inspiration for countless enthusiasts, myself included.”


Amine Boukar | Cybersecurity Specialist




Software Developer

“I deeply admire his passion for programming, which is clear in everything he does. What inspires me the most about Manguinho is his dedication to sharing his knowledge through online courses. He has the uncanny ability to turn complex concepts into clear and accessible explanations. His practical and project-orientated approach makes learning engaging and challenging.

I also admire his humbleness and willingness to help other developers grow professionally. Manguinho is an example of how passion for what you do can lead to success and positive impact on the coding community.”


Erick Serra | React Developer




Cucumber Founder

“You can't talk about influential people in the tech world without mentioning Aslak Hellesoy, best known for being the creator of Cucumber, but also one of the great advocates of test-driven software architecture. 

In addition to being very important in the creation of BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and Cucumber, Aslak has several lectures and materials on how to implement a testable architecture, based on current best practices.

And as much as he is a great influence in the world of software quality and testing, let's not forget that he has been a developer for over 20 years. Regardless of your role in a software development project, I recommend to learn more about Aslak’s concepts.”

  • Find out more about Aslak Hellesøy and the Cucumber technique on the official website.


Luiza da Silva | Automation Tester




Programmer and teacher

“I admire his exceptional ability to bridge the gap between technology and the community, through his informative and engaging presentations. His passion for empowering others, coupled with his expertise in Microsoft technologies, makes him an invaluable resource and an inspiring figure in the developer community.”


Pedro Silva | .NET Developer




Co-founder of the Alura platform

“Alura is an IT teaching platform in Brazil, in the format of Netflix. I have already taken several Java and other programming languages courses with him. The platform he created helped many people have access to information in a clear and practical way.”

  • Find out more about Guilherme Oliveira and Alura in this video.


Rennan Chagas | Java Tech Lead




Software Developer

“André Baltieri always brings very up-to-date topics, including previews of versions of the .NET ecosystem. He is a Microsoft MVP [Most Valuable Professional] and shares many tips and project patterns that are very important for a developer's daily life.”


Leonardo Silva | Technical Lead




Software Developer and Entrepreneur

"He is a reference for me in the world of technology, because he shares, in a very clear way, concepts and references for the study and professional improvement in software development. The content of his publications is dense, not easily outdated and not sponsored.”


César Penna | DevOps Engineer



These are just a few of the over 800 talents that make up Alter Solutions around the world. Talents who work in areas as diverse as software development, software testing, analytics, project management, business performance or cybersecurity.

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